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It’s an absolute privilege to be an affiliate partner with Maximum Impact, John Maxwell’s organization and The Table Group headed by Patrick Lencioni.  These two very fine authors and speakers have been thought leaders in  industry for years.  Their books have sold millions and   have touched people and organizations around the globe. 


Rick Packer has been hand selected and personally  trained by both John Maxwell and Patrick Lencioni in the areas of leadership, management, teamwork, strategic consulting, and executive coaching. These master communicators and experts in their field have fully endorsed Rick Packer.  What does this mean for you? 


The Packer Group delivers workshops, training sessions,  speeches, and consulting sessions on any book or topic from these authors. 


Clients can rest assured that every engagement is tailored to your specific needs.  Yes, we have models and off-the-shelf content, but it is only used within the context of applying it within your corporate culture.  (more)

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“Rick Packer is among the elite in the industry.  He is one of the most capable facilitators and speakers in the areas of leadership and teamwork.  For years, Rick has been teaching my material and helping organizations learn it, apply it, and live it.”

- John C. Maxwell



“Rick Packer is one of only a handful of consultants that has been trained and endorsed by my company, The Table Group. I have complete confidence is his ability to deliver our material in a very practical and impactful way.”

- Patrick Lencioni


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