The Packer Group works with a small number of clients at any given time so that we can get to know their business as our own.  Our initial conversation with a company typically reveals a short-term need around strategic initiatives such as leadership training, a scheduled retreat, the annual conference, a regional meeting, etc.  The Packer Group provides services in these areas.  But, seventy-five percent of those who initially hire us for a short-term need end up partnering with us over the long-term.  The organizations we work with and leaders within those organizations understand that development never occurs during an event, but rather through an purposeful and intentional process.  


1. We understand that development outside the context of business results is a wasteful process of both time and money.  We therefore engage clients in the development process while looking through the lens of business results. 

2. We also understand that producing results comes with productive relationships.  Relationships top-to-bottom that are full of trust, have unfiltered honestly, and a hungry passion for doing better today than was done yesterday. 

3. We also understand that achieving that level of relationship has to be earned and is never granted until there is mutual respect. 


Bottom Line Results

Long-Term Relationships

Earned Respect 





Rick Packer conducted two team offsites for different departments at Merial Limited. Both teams had members who were reluctant to participate. Rick took the time upfront to speak to an appropriate number of attendees, so he understood the team dynamics. This pre-planning and skillful management of the sessions resulted in enthusiastic responses from the attendees, even the skeptics. 


As is always the case with any training course or team development, the true impact comes after the session when the attendees decide whether or not to act upon what they have learned. Both of these teams committed themselves to make changes and have been acting upon them. In addition both teams have continued to meet regularly to discuss how to continue make further progress in strengthening their teams. Of course, a lot of the credit for this follow-through belongs to the attendees.  However, given the level of skepticism going into the meetings, I know that the key factor driving the teams to change were the sessions led by Rick Packer.


I hope to continue a partnership with The Packer Group and recommend Rick Packer as a skillful team builder and consultant. 


 - Ann Basarab, Director, Human Resources, Merial Limited



Every successful Executive knows a key to facilitating a major breakthrough for your team is to bring someone in from outside the company.  Rick Packer is a perfect choice to facilitate your next Executive meeting or retreat.  His smart and thought provoking delivery of powerful concepts kept our team engaged throughout.  Best of all Rick delivers where it matters most in business – The bottom line.  I wouldn’t even think about doing business without him!


- Vern L. Toland, Vice President, Orange Lake Resorts




Rick, I just wanted to let you know that the session yesterday was a terrific hit.  Many of them were skeptical about the value going in, but absolutely everybody today had VERY positive feedback.  I think the most telling comments were that Rick seemed to speak to us and our issues and culture, not just some theoretical situation, and seemed to be completely willing and able to "go with the flow" of the discussion rather than basically dictate a pre-set, pre-timed agenda.  And of course even more telling was the number of times reference was made to a concept they picked up on as we were in meetings today and how, "wait, no, let me say/do something differently."  Clearly people had been thinking about what they learned.


- Janet Currotto, Director, Social Security Administration




Rick is one of the top trainers and consultants I have ever had the honor to work with in my 20+ years in this wonderful training profession.


- David E. Stearns, Dale Carnegie, Master Instructor




Rick Packer, our charismatic consultant, did an outstanding job of educating participants, leading activities, asking questions, and providing the feedback, insight, and direction that kept everything on track throughout the session. Rick succeeded in addressing the unique leadership challenges of managers.  He was able to build consensus among individuals of diverse backgrounds and personalities and find ways to add value and make key messages resonate for each participant.


- Jim Mediate, Vice President, MarketSource




Rick, I wanted you to know that the session I went through 1 1/2 years ago dramatically changed the future for me. That would not have happened if not for your exceptional leadership and mentoring. I know that I thanked you during the session but I felt I needed to tell you, again, thank you!  I've used your stories in many of my presentations and I'm glad to see that you are working to complete a book. I look forward to reading it as soon as it becomes available.


 - Jim Heinzman




Our goal was to initiate dialogue with our management team.  Rick’s ability to make the content relevant to our challenges was exceptional.  His conversational style was perfect.  It was obvious that he was really prepared. 


- Amy Maxwell, RN, Scios, Inc.




Without a doubt, this was the best presented session in my 25 years with the OCC. Rick was incredibly knowledgeable, well prepared, kept it interesting and built a solid rapport with everyone in the session. 


- Comptroller of the Currency




Rick was very engaging.  I've participated in many sessions  throughout my career and this was one of the most valuable and well presented that I have attended since I have been with AT&T in 5 yrs. Thank you!


- AT&T Executive







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with doing something different.”  


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